October 17, 2018

Session Eight – Killing Kryptonite of Critical Spirit

Keys that feed a critical spirit and destroy the presence of experiencing God’s power.

  1. Cynical outlook instead positive thoughts.
    1. Ask yourself: Am I focused on what’s wrong with the situation instead of focusing on God?
  2. _______________ perspective.
    1. Ask yourself: Have I already decided how I feel about the situation?
  3. Religious Perversion.
    1. Ask Yourself: Am I misusing or overvaluing something that God gave to help me?
  4. Procrastination.
    1. Ask Yourself: Am I telling myself that I’ll take care of this “someday” because I just don’t want to deal with it right now?
  5. Presence of _______________.
    1. Ask Yourself: Is my pride making me pretend that everything’s okay and that I don’t need God to help me handle this?

Declaration of Truth:

“Because of Christ’s redemption, I am a NEW CREATION of great worth. I am DEEPLY LOVED, COMPLETELY forgiven. Fully PLEASING, totally ACCEPTED by God and absolutely COMPLETE in Christ.”

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