One thought on “No!

  1. Jason Post author

    Some comments received on my social networks:

    • WooHoo! Let’s Learn!

    • They forgot “No Learning.” 😉 *dislike!!*

    • Looks like a great place to rollerblade, skateboard and enter without a shirt or shoes. No rules against that?

    • No fun!

    • Sign, Sign, everywhere a sign – Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind – Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign

    • I would say this is a very empty place and devoid of all human life forms.

    • OUCH!!! Tell me you didn’t see that in a school…..

    • There might be a time and place for these “rules” but it scares me that much of the public sector feel this is how ALL education should be!


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