Make it happen!

Plan to be successful


Just Do It!

  • Vision – To have a clutter-free digital life.
  • Mission -The What and Why.
  • Objectives – Lay out how much of “the what” will be accomplished by when.
    • I would like to have my digital pictures organized and ready for a May graduation slideshow. 
  • Strategies – How will you will reach your objectives?
    • Learn about my device/OS/software
    • Set aside at least and hour each week for action plan
  • Action Plan – What specific action items can you implement to achieve the desired results?
    • Find and review tutorials on iPhoto, Mac OS X (Ongoing)
      • Take an adult ed class
    • Take/Scan/Collect Pictures ( Ongoing)
    • Organize pictures by putting them in albums, facial recognition, and by location (December)
    • Create a “table book” (February)
    • Create slideshows (March)
    • Create a DVD for memory/gifts ( April)

Determine Goals:

  • Set GoalsWhat digital device are you working to declutter?
    • Computer, tablet, phone
  • What do you currently use your digital device for?
    • Personal, Professional, both, other (eg: Volunteer Organization)
    • Business Tools, Education, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Music, News, Photos, Productivity, Social/Communication, Video.
  • What do you want to use your digital device for?
  • How would you LIKE your device to look/feel?
    • Explain: write (narrative/outline) and/or draw a picture


Smart Goals

Baby StepsDetermining Priorities

Action Items

  • Baby Steps

Hands On:


  • Take control of your desktop
    • Put all files in a folder called – To Organize
    • Find a desktop picture that you don’t want to cover up
    • Know your device/OS/software
      • Computer: bluetooth, usb, cd drive
      • Smart Phone: GPS, accelerometer, power, volume, navigation
      • OS: Desktop, File System, Task Bar, System Tray, Dock, Mission Control, Launcher, etc.
      • Software: Interface, Tool bars, Tools, Features, etc.

Know your Tools: