ConnectionsThe Nebraska Education Technology Association is all about connections. What does that mean to you as a Teacher? Technology Coordinator? Superintendent? Principal? Librarian? It means we have incredible ways to connect ourselves to other professionals and we have unprecedented ways to connect our students to the world. 

Connections have always been a big part of our learning process. Getting together with others who share the same passion or are trying to solve similar problems. With today’s landscape, we have access to make connections like never before. And NETA is here to help you!

Face to Face: Join us at our Spring 2013 conference as we “Ignite Learning!” The conference is a wonderful time to connect with other educators. Where else can you get this many people together to learn the latest and greatest in education technology from Nebraska’s best? We also have two sponsored groups that meet regularly. They are the long standing Technology Coordinators and the 1:1 groups. Check out the NETA website to see how you can get involved with either of these communities. 

Virtually: With the ever growing electronic connections we have, NETA has grown right along with the mix. While we still use email as our primary source of outgoing communication, we also have many other tools to connect with the membership. Depending on your level of comfort and use, there are many options to connect with other NETA members. The first, and probably easiest, is to connect using Twitter. There are hundreds of Nebraska educators using Twitter to expand their network of connections. Try it out! Find others using the #nebedchat hashtag. You can also follow @yourNETA to get started. NETA also has a Facebook page you can “Like”. If you are already using Facebook and want to meet other educators using that connection, head on over to The latest addition to the social network is our Google Plus Community. This is a relatively new medium for our members that have Google Plus accounts. Jump on in at

Keep listening to the streams on these different communities as our members graciously share their teaching knowledge and expertise, tips and tricks, websites and new things to try, questions to ponder and problems to help solve. The connections you make are invaluable as you grow as an educator and for our students to succeed. You will find new ways to connect your students to THEIR passions and guide them to new learning opportunities never before imagined. 

So, how are you growing your professional connections and how are you helping to grow your students’ connections? Jump online and tell us!

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